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famous designer Yohji Yamamoto Y-3 ushered in the 10th anniversary series was the most eye-catching design shows, compared with adidas for Yohji Yamamoto " GSGX "; the high version of the classic black and white tube to interpret fashion under the thinking of sports shoes, the classic three line logo and traditional Adidas shell toe points just perfect embellishment, adept skills in shoemaking full of wild shape to get a glimpse, and use the grid cloth body greatly enhance the practicability, want to start with friends through Y-3 official Internet shops a reference.
and Nike cooperation and the trend of the local representative, Figurine Lau Michael also invited to participate in the godfather is planning, becoming the 18 creative pioneer one. The works of Michael Nike Air "Crazy" Force 1 with pure white padded leather with liner (quilted) suture technique, heel to calculate and draw the 25 row form, is also a tribute to Air Force 1 was 25th anniversary, the fine feet were written on the shoelace button "Crazy" and "Smiles" in the left Michael Crazy, highlighting the famous "Smiles" series, the last with a white, printed on the scribbled abstract pattern of removable insole.

Nike Air "Crazy" Force 1 Exhibition 8:00pm

Nike Air "Crazy" Force 1 Boxset

Special Thanks to NIKE HK & Michael Lau; !!Nike Air "Crazy" Force 1 will be in the form of Boxset on November 29th on sale with Boxset "Crazy Michael vinyl" Figurine comes with a classic design, injection with innovative exceptional elements, Nike and Michael Nike Air Force teamed up in 125 years the spirit of play incisively. To mark the birth of this creative sneaker, Michael particularly took his Mich> in Hongkong

2012-1-4 uploads and downloads attachments at 10:10 (90.63 KB) recently we've seen a lot of news about Lunar technology. Among them, the most exciting is Nike and its wholly-owned subsidiary Cole Haan jointly launched Lunargrand shoes, completely subvert the concept of sports shoes. But after all, shoes are only a few. We still pay attention to the Nike Lunar Pantheon Black / Blue / orange shoes together! This type of shoes still contains 90s shoes retro look, shoes with black nylon and leather dot combination, collocation blue Swoosh and laces, of course the most dazzling is orange, shoe buckle tongue lining and heel Lunar technology in the end. The colors are pretty bold. Do you think it's very similar to the thunderbolt colors? This section is now on sale at Afew, and friends who like you can pay attention to it.
Li Ninghuan bow two generation shock running shoes evaluation report: domestic products when self-improvement.


now with the vigorous development of outdoor sports, outdoor sports of every kind of a kind of exercise emerge in an endless stream, but is running people most often used, because there is no special venue, clothing, equipment and other requirements of running, often running exercise can help you keep fit, but also can let you relax. But in order to protect their own feet will not be hurt in the process of running, so a pair of running shoes for you has become the first choice, the so-called "journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Nowadays, many people admire foreign brands, but I would like to say that a lot of Chinese goods are also good, such as Lining!

was lucky to be able to get this offer by Sina running this Li Masquelier J two generation running shoes bow evaluation opportunity, let us look into Lining, Li Masquelier J two generation bow!

evaluation outline

one, brand introduction,

two, product information

three, product display,

four, the actual experience

five, usage perception and comprehensive evaluation of

one, brand introduction,

, speaking of Lining, I don't think many people in China are strangers. Li Ning Co is a well-known Chinese " the prince of gymnastics " Mr. Lining founded the sporting goods company in 1990. After more than 20 years of exploration, Li Ning Co has gradually become China's leading international sports Brand Company. From the early days of the lead in establishing the franchise system to continue for many years China sponsored sports delegation to participate in various competitions at home and abroad; from becoming the first domestic sporting goods enterprises to implement ERP continuous brand positioning adjustments, and then to June 2004 listed in Hongkong, Li Ning Co has experienced the development and prosperity of China national enterprises.

two, product information

Name: Li Ninghuan bow two generation (male shock proof running shoes ARHK035-1)

color: fluorescent green

size: 41

main material:

side: fabric + synthetic leather,

lining and inner lining: textile +EVA inner cushion

outsole: rubber +EVA compound bottom

level: qualified product

execute standard number: GB/T15107-2013

hanging piece price: 469 (RMB)

three, product display
Lining shoebox, white "Lining" brand name, "red bow" word, shoes name is surrounded by black bow lines, simple and atmospheric. Look at the side of the shoebox, with a Chinese label on the shoe, which will allow you to use materials such as shoes

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