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is to promote the enterprise culture and strategy implementation promotion project "in an orderly manner, in the early completion of the" XTEP core concept of corporate culture system to explore the camp "and" the enterprise culture of XTEP executives consensus group "on the basis of Shenggao consulting group projects recently in XTEP group headquarters marketing six floor conference room." XTEP's corporate culture core idea ", XTEP CEO Ding Shuibo, senior vice president Ding Meiqing, Ye Qi, Liu Qingxian, vice president Wu Lianyin, Yu Shiyong and the center deputy director above executives, Shenggao Dean Gao Xianfeng sendall project team members of the project team, Pan Shoupei, Liu Hao, Yu Xuanlin, Lin Yan, Qu Jun etc. attended the meeting.

, Dean of the Gao Xianfeng School of business sendall on the details of the "XTEP core concept of corporate culture, hard work, innovation, integrity, win-win and meaning, a short history of XTEP further interpretation of the XTEP core value concept.

followed the "XTEP core concept of corporate culture" commitment and responsibility to promote the signing ceremony, executives signed and printed on his mark in the red banner, promised to promote the concept of corporate culture in the core center. Ding Shuibo, President of XTEP group, concluded: "in the course of XTEP's mission and vision, all executives will be the navigator and escort of the XTEP aircraft carrier.". The pressure of intense competition, all executives must clearly understand the situation, grasp the opportunity, take the initiative to assume responsibility, and actively promote the reform, really have the "play, pattern, positive" occupation consciousness."

Manchester United released their home kit for the 2012-13 season (click on more details)
Manchester United will be wearing new home jerseys for the new season, inspired by the history of the city's hard work in Manchester. The 2012-13 season jerseys are made of classic striped cotton plaid designs from the famous cotton spinning mill in Manchester.

Manchester United Football Club was founded on respect for traditional values and diligence, and it is these values that contribute to Manchester's current prosperity. Since the middle of eighteenth Century, textile factories have been born, and textile industry has flourished. The striped cotton fabrics produced by these mills and their classic Plaid are world - famous like Manchester United's soccer team. Today, Manchester United's Home Jersey is the first to adopt the cotton pattern.

cotton tones are traditionally made in red, so that the home jerseys are new and striking. The black V word collar brings a modern touch to the shirt. The inner neckline is stamped with the words "Forged, in, Industry, Striving, for, Glory (diligently advancing and striving for glory)", paying tribute to the history of the struggle in Manchester and the spirit of hard work in the club.
The exterior pattern of the neckline of the
is the classic little red devils logo, a symbol of Manchester United's global presence, with white shorts with a diagonal shadow, echoing the cotton stripes on the jersey.

socks are black, with red detailing at the top, and a small white devil pattern. The stockings feature a new and innovative design with the most advanced cotton insole, which supports all wearers, including professional players.
The design of the
shirt perfectly blends the sport with the younger style. The classic is not new, and the innovative technology makes it the most advanced high-tech Jersey in the history of Nike. Athletes always feel comfortable and excellent when they wear.

's new home kit uses a groundbreaking recycled polyester fiber material, the most environmentally friendly shirt in Nike's history. Each set of jerseys (tops and shorts) is made of up to thirteen recyclable plastic bottles. This innovative process reduces energy consumption by 30% compared to the production process using conventional polyester fibers. Since 2010, Nike has produced high performance jerseys and has used around 1 billion 115 million recycled plastic bottles.

new uniforms use Nike Dri-FIT perspiration technology, and compared to the old paragraph, fabric weight decreased by 23%, while knitting structure strength increased by 20%. The new shirt features a laser cutting ventilation hole designed to increase partial ventilation and help regulate body temperature during the game.

for bonding joint Jersey, with more t type joint method of solid, the key joints on the shirt and shorts of firmness, internal seams by press processing, so as to enhance the comfort and performance of jersey. And the ventilation area can help to move >adidas, in collaboration with Japanese designer Yamamoto Teruji Yohji Yamamoto, launched two limited shoes, "Yohji Pacer" and "Yohji Smith". This time, the new joint product has also been exposed, named "Yohji Star"". In order to commemorate the 10th anniversary cooperation between the two sides, Adidas and Yamamoto Teruji's limited series can be described as the highlight of many, before the two pairs of shoes has let us re think of Yamamoto Teruji is the earliest start and Adidas launch of the series, let the movement to become part of a Hi-fashion designer. But in recent years by Kuraishi and Adidas joint Yi Shu ObyO snatched some limelight. "Yohji Star" using the classic "Superstar High" as a template, and a new concept of the future interpretation can be said in the maintenance of shell head classic elements at the same time, Yamamoto Teruji engraved on his personal independence of conduct identification. The use of breathable shoes mesh, not only enhance the comfort of shoes, but also changed the "Superstar High" has been a heavy sense, and easier to match. The colors are simple white, ivory, white and gray, which is more in line with the trend of modern simplicity and deconstruction. With the previously released two shoes, this pair of "Yohji Star" is also limited to 300 pairs. This pair of shoes will be available at the Y-3 and Yohji Yamamoto designated stores. "The shoe family legacy." the ultimate battle of landing Nike sports exchange
from August 23rd to 26th, "Nike sports convergence" will be in the Shanghai stadium field "war rekindled", for sports loving young people to provide a 4 day Sports event. By then, all of Nike's series will hold a wealth of on-site experience activities, and invite everyone to enjoy the fun of sports. NikeSportswear will be staged in the "sports exchange site called a" shoe wars family "and" the ultimate battle "shoes cultural event, from the north, East and South Asia, 5 division of the top sneaker collectors will show their shoes to shock the audience, let each people love culture shoes all eyes.

"shoe wars family" activities is the prototype of SneakerBattle in the United States, it is popular for a long time a real collectors and enthusiasts of the shoes belongs to the party, its form from the "chat shoes" to "bucket shoes", to communicate with the SneakerBattle through the cultural heritage of shoes. "Shoes wars" activities started in June 30th this year in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou to lead the north and East as well as Hongkong, Taiwan, southern area at the same time. Each division's shoes collectors release their treasured classic basketball shoes, classic running shoes, and AirForce 1 for each pair. Through the "battle" and "battles" two rounds of competition, each division winner will be composed of shoes shoes collectors dream team, with their favorite "boots" in the "Nike sports exchange staged the ultimate battle".

from August 23rd to 25, the family will be in the shoe wars "classic basketball shoes, running shoes and classic Air Force1 three categories of competition. Among the different sports shoes, the collectors will pass on their hidden shoes story to the football fans in face to face fashion. In August 26th, the event will be chosen by the vote winner, the ultimate winner, the winning shoe race dream team will receive unexpected gifts!

event site, in addition to display from 5 competition area shoes, collectors bring their own collection of shoes, more mysterious guests. In addition, NikeSportswear will select several sought after by the majority of the sneakers lovers hot and shoe, and the upcoming release of new products on display. You can also take part in the raffle to get the chance to purchase these limited shoes.

special shoes show is arranged as follows:

August 23rd NIKE AIR YEEZY II platinum
Nike Air Yeezy II created a new movement technology, it will Nike for the athletic arena brought about by the classic breakthrough with outstanding performance and beauty perfect fusion, so much attention.
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