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Water splashing in Xishuangbanna

as everyone knows, Dai Water Splashing Festival is the New Year Carnival once a year, in this happy holiday, people will one another with beautiful, clean water, a symbol of the Holy light. Do you want to splash the water more fun and more interesting? We understand you. At 10 a.m. on April 17, 2016, the first stop of the first China Wanda theme park - Xishuangbanna water splashing is about to be opened!

Xishuangbanna Wanda theme park is less than 5 kilometers from Jinghong Airport, with a total investment of more than 2 billion yuan. It is the only tropical rain forest park in Asia. There are 27 large-scale amusement equipments in Wanda theme park and Wanda water park. This event will pick out 6 top quality game challenges, so that you can enjoy the pleasure of theme park and try your courage. 3 contestants must complete the race to get scores and medals: Ancient flying to heaven and the giant trees, vines and flower color dance and soaring fam, the 3 group of tornado winds, must be 2 1. It's very exciting to listen to the name.

in the game after the track, there will be a beautiful guy with a water gun to attack you, want to get good grades, you must quickly through; of course, the whole basin and end point comfortable finish warriors meet cold water. According to the custom of the water splashing Festival, the more wet it is, the more popular the representative is, and the luck will be very good this year. If you like anyone, please splash water on TA. Water splashing is a carnival, running is a fitness, the game is a challenge, please enjoy your fun and sweat.

attended the event, including the second seasons of Chinese good voice, Liu Caixing, marathon champion Wu Min, running expert Wang Xiaogang, leading hero Luo Yixiong and other big coffee, with professional coaches to warm you up, and enjoy the wonderful Thailand style performance. The number of participants was limited to 500 people and welcomed the participation of running enthusiasts and friends who came to travel on holiday.

is afraid of mobile phone water? Rest assured, on-site payment successful run in addition to obtain land park and water park pass, and the waterproof bag, waterproof cloth and a running jacket number, we are ready for you.
What do
do for a day? You can stay with your family and friends in a theme park hotel, and you can also count stars in the tent in the camping area.

what if you want to share this happiness, but you can't get to the scene? As long as you enter the activity page of the "running APP" page, and then finish the challenge of 4 kilometers at any place, you only need to pay 9.9 yuan for the postage, and you can get a identical finish medal.

on the day of the competition, the organizers will set up Sina micro-blog big screen in the field, runners can upload videos to show the audience and the official blog interaction, lucky runners may also receive a special gift. LETV sports also sent a crew to see the camera shooting video, please put one of the most handsome Pose, a feast of joy will open up a fresh outlook to you!

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