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Run Logo.

1, run group name

group ran plump
2, time of establishment


3, active city, area, routine activity route

, Xinxiang, Henan
4, run group scale


5, run group slogan

happy sports, healthy life.

6, running group introduction to

Xinxiang run group was founded in November 2008, is Xinxiang's first run group, Xinxiang marathon club members only 3 people; then, after a few times, and soon more than 10 people have joined the team for second years, then we Zhengkai Marathon after a winter training, every Sunday at a time from then on, never stopped, the group ran Sunday about running routine; in the past 7 years, we organized more than 300 field activities and about running a team in the field of nearly 60 size of the event, make a positive contribution to Xinxiang running events, runners from several people set up more than 200 people, especially in September this year, after joining the team Xinxiang group ran plump plump, ran a sharp increase in the number of clusters, in just 2 months has reached more than 800 people; Xinxiang has become the largest organization running in running; Xinxiang is like a raging fire, rapid development, next, we also organize the event and quality activities, provide a richer run for Xinxiang's run of friends, our passion to firmly believe that in the near future, we have the ability to hold our Xinxiang million marathon! Let the majority of the sports enthusiasts join the ranks of the running; let "I run, I am healthy, I exercise, I am happy" concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
Xinxiang runners are the spiritual home of the Xinxiang runners and the paradise for the Xinxiang runners! Xinxiang running group welcomes you to join!

7, the main event of the run group

2010.4.7 holds the Xinxiang 12 hour challenge

2011.3.6 held in Xinxiang - Yuanyang 35 km race

2011.4.24 held Bigan Temple 30 km road race

2011.7.24 hosted the Taihang Mountain Mountain Marathon (Ban Cheng) activity

2015.9.3 held a campaign to commemorate the victory of the Chinese people's Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist victory 70th anniversary.

8, run group influence

organization about 300 activities. Participate in online activities plump 25 sessions,

every weekend ran group activities, each activity number 100 - 130 people, activities: City, run about plump QQ group, WeChat group issued a release.
group 600>

PEAK Yuet four generations of evaluation: the spring is a bright color, super high cost performance equipment.

in the domestic running boom rising today, domestic and foreign well-known sports brands are competing in the market China, except for some sports brands of foreign sports brands Daxian brilliance, China local also began their color, All flowers bloom together., PEAK Wyatt ran the four generation shoes listed, adding a bright color to the spring.

1, overall appearance
Wyatt ran four generation running shoes, one eye is its dazzling color to attract some foreign experts, according to the conclusion of that light sports shoes can increase exercise enthusiasm, so those who need new equipment to stimulate their exercise of the people may wish to change a pair of dazzling run shoes, to play a multiplier the effect of.

shoe upper design

Wyatt ran shoe design of the four generation using lightweight breathable mesh, the rim is in hot melt film PP seamless, played a strong and beautiful effect, net cloth material to ensure its permeability, suitable for wearing comfortable in hot weather.
The back end of
shoes used PU material to play a stable role, and the PEAK logo of the dark relief style increased the beauty. The tongue soft materials, increase comfort.

shoe sole design

Wyatt ran the four generation shoes using "multi-core elastic technology", Pikeduo nuclear elastic system, the sole is provided with a plurality of hollow structure, reduce the weight of the shoe sole, and provide a buffer by deformation, sole material is mixed rubber material, it has good rebound performance, the sole can flexibly change in transition and rebound in the process of.
The rubber and plastic mixed material of
soles is easy to bend, ensures the bending property of the sole, reduces the confrontation between the sole and the foot, ensures the safety and comfort of the movement.

two, wear feeling

, all the new sports shoes have a different period of adaptation, so try to avoid wearing new shoes to compete for more than 10 kilometers. It is better to practice for a while before the race, and then dress to compete when the feet are adjusted.

wore PEAK for four generations for the first time. It felt that the soles were soft and the shoe didn't feel tight. The two points were very important, which ensured their cushioning performance and wearing comfort. Buffer and material related with the relationship between number of comfort and timely vamp shoes, try a larger size than their feet shoes.

new shoes or a jerky feeling, it needs to run in to meet it, is called the running in period, only after a run in period to know these shoes in the end is not suitable for their own. For example, some shoes are soft at the beginning. However, due to the limitation of material, after a period of time, the cushioning performance of shoes decreases, and the comfort of feet decreases.

three, running experience:

I usually start a running distance of 5 kilometers, which can not test new shoes or protect it.

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