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Aili · Wubujiahasimi on the road. Aili · Wubujiahasimi on the road.

Tianshan Netcom, calling himself a "dream farmer athlete", once crossed the Taklimakan Desert, ran from Xinjiang Yecheng county to Tibet, also ran from Yili to Beijing, and 10 thousand kilometers to Hainan roundabout. It was called "running elder brother" by netizens. Today to commemorate the long march of the Red Army in 80th anniversary, to commemorate the birth of the Communist Party of China 93rd anniversary, Aili · Wubujiahasimi arrived in the red capital Jiangxi city of Ruijin province in June 9, 2014 began to re take the long journey.
Aili · Wubujiahasimi on the road.
(original title: Xinjiang Yining "running brother" arrived in Ruijin and began to take the long march road

The Color Run color running is known as "the most joyful 5 kilometers on earth". It aims to deliver The Color Run, which is healthy, happy and public participation. The color run will be the third visit to Shenzhen, which is full of youthful vigor and innovation city, and three years to Shenzhen's color running fans. As of 2016 The Color Run? Color run "flying to the Southeast" the important station in ShenZhen Railway Station of Longgang Universiade Sports Center to start running, and from Australia's top brand Swisse chief sponsor. The activities are divided into the morning of November 12th, the two and 13 days in the afternoon, and the registration has been opened in the official website (

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as an important China "innovative city" and the youngest city, Shenzhen has been transferred to the nation and the world of innovation and vitality of the city image, the "pioneering and innovative" spirit of the people and the essence of city innovation, good at transformation so that Shenzhen's economic development and cultural life level rising. Running, as a popular sport in recent years, has a broad mass base in Shenzhen. In three years' visit to Shenzhen The Color Run, color running has witnessed the rapid development of urban economy and society and the progress of citizens' spiritual civilization.

The Color Run? Color run activities in the United States international management group organizers vice president Zhang Hong said: "The Color Run? Happiness, health, personality and Shenzhen is a young and full of creative city color run very fit, this is The Color Run? Why color run so popular in Shenzhen. Professional teams from IMG global and China will continue to work closely with all parties to give the Shenzhen color running enthusiasts a fresh and refreshing feast.

this ShenZhen Railway Station color run will be sponsored by the popular top health care brand Swisse, and the two sides will share the concept of healthy and happy life together.

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The Color Run? Color on the occasion of 5th anniversary will run away, the new "colorful tropical world tour" theme to Shenzhen, creatively let sunshine, joy and color run in the theme park on the ebullition. The Color Run? Color run will enjoy the fun of innovation together with creative Shenzhen runners.

The Color Run? Travis Snyder color running founder said: "Shenzhen is a young city world famous creative, the new" colorful tropical world tour with ">

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