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Happy running Xinjiang Regiment: happy running, sports fitness is supplemented.

run group name

happy running Xinjiang regiment

set up time


member size

324 people

active area


run group slogan
The more happy
is, the happier is;

running group introduces

Wyatt ran group of Xinjiang Xinjiang is composed of runners running group, with happy running, exercise as a supplement, in the process of running, not only can help you develop a healthy way of life, but also can gain confidence and accidents at work and in life surprise. In a short period of half a year, she began to form a "Xinjiang regiment" from a non - love movement. It has now developed to more than 300 running groups. "Beauty" "Uncle" "little fresh meat" "hot mother" "non mainstream"... Different personality labels, make the group's activity skyrocketing.

main event

two running field

2015.07.22 ran the Xinjiang regiment to break through 200 people and set up three additional runners.

2015.08.15 Yue ran also had a certain influence on the expansion of the Xinjiang regiment scale. Under the leadership of Na Jie, the parallel line of health and public welfare also attracted more runners to join in.

2015.08.20 run Xinjiang group to organize public welfare activities in grape

2015.08.25, the head of the Xinjiang regiment, financed the national poor student
for a long time
2015.11.15 ran the Xinjiang regiment group for the first official event. The Xinjiang running group joined the new Austrian Audi, the city ran for love. The number of participants was more than 200.
2015.11.16 runs on the WeChat public platform of the Xinjiang regiment.

2015.11.17 is registered with sina micro-blog of Xinjiang group.

2015.11.20 has been running 324 people in Xinjiang. The number of WeChat groups in the long term participation has reached 140.

2015.12.20 will run the Xinjiang regiment to organize the Silk Road cross-country running

running group influence
Activity organization ability under

is mainly divided into routine activities and events.

regular activity

regular activities every Saturday, three sections, time 8:00, location is the botanical garden, Nongda, Nanhu square.

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