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2015, when the marathon becomes a cultural landscape

used "blowout" to describe the domestic marathon in 2015, and it might be a little more image. In 2015, the number of marathons, or the number of marathons, rose in a straight line. The marathon course is not new, but when people are talking about the marathon and the marathon as a new fashion, when the new city name card for the marathon, marathon is no longer just a sports competition, has become a kind of cultural landscape.

running marathon, the domestic just started

opened the 2015 marathon calendar, starting from the beginning of the new year's marathon in Xiamen, Zheng Ma, Yanmar, North and south, the horse horse horse, horse, in hangzhou...... At least four or five per month, more than a dozen is known as the "international" marathon, but only in November 8th, the country will have 6 marathon run at the same time.

in 2015, how many marathons have been held in China? 100 games? 200 games? In a word, it is the unimaginable number of people outside the circle. Last year, the examination and approval of domestic commercial events and mass sports events were fully liberalized. The marathon competition no longer required permission from the competent sports authorities. The marathon race sprung up like mushrooms.
Is the
marathon too much? The fire scene in the marathon will soon dispel the idea. The Shanghai marathon race was killed by 18 thousand seconds last year, only to draw lots this year. 45 thousand marathons of Xiamen marathon were robbed in one day; more than 60 thousand people entered the Beijing marathon, and the lucky ones only had 30 thousand people. Marathon is not a free lunch. Registration costs hundreds of Yuan registration fees. Usually training needs professional clothes and running shoes. Every running 700 kilometers or so will be replaced by a pair of running shoes. If you go out to compete, you still have to pay the transportation accommodation fee. These are in the eyes of business, absolutely everywhere is business opportunity.

looking at the running show in the circle of friends, are you moving? Do you want to run a half or full marathon, too? If you think the marathon just longer distance, it is wrong, the media constantly seen marathon sudden death events in a timely manner to give people a reminder: the need for a scientific attitude to run a marathon. In the eyes of most people, running is the easiest thing to do. It's actually wrong. Running, especially running a marathon, is a scientific systematic project, which requires planned training, physical training and reserve, and systematic recovery after match. But in China, there are not only a few people who can have this cognition, but also few services for running and marathon training for the masses. The marathon's popularity and scientific training and service must keep pace with it.

running marathon is a life attitude
At the end of November
Nanjing International Marathon the day before the fourteen Nanjing Dr. Zhang Xianyi still hesitate to join in. Zhang Xianyi was hesitant because he just finished the Shanghai marathon, he is still in the adjustment period, and a week later, he will return to Shenzhen to run a marathon. But Zhang Xianyi did not.

Precautions for winter running: Mastering the amount of exercise.
winter, the weather is cold, many people like cats at home, not willing to go out to exercise, but the cold is often attacked. What should I do? There is a famous saying in ancient Greece: "if you want to be strong, run!" If you want to be bodybuilding, run! If you want to be smart, run! "

winter running exercise regularly, can effectively enhance physical fitness, prevent disease, but in running process should also pay attention to the following content, so as not to hurt the body.

1. beware of
at low temperature, muscle and ligament viscosity increase, muscle elasticity, extensibility, joint flexibility and activity range will also decrease. Therefore, before each run, a family should be fully prepared to prevent sports injury.

2. alleviated gastrointestinal burden

should not drink a lot of water and eat before and after running, so as not to aggravate the burden of the stomach and intestines. In addition, in the case of running after sweating, excessive drinking may lead to water intoxication; full meal strenuous running, may lead to intestinal volvulus.

3. master good exercise

should reasonably arrange the amount of exercise in the winter according to the weather conditions and the individual's physical condition. The middle aged people should control the strength when they are running.

healthy TIPS: winter running as much as possible with nasal breathing

usually breathe with your nose, but during runtime, because of the violent activity of the muscles, the oxygen needed will increase greatly, so they will have to use their mouths to help breathe. In winter, the weather is very cold, sometimes there are sandstorms. When running, such as breathing with mouth opening, the cold air directly excite the oral cavity, throat and trachea mucosa, causing mucous discomfort in these parts, which can cause cough.

therefore, when running in the winter, you should try to breathe in the nose, or breathe in a mixed way. At this time, should be half open mouth, mouth slightly open, tongue, teeth cold air inhalation, the air in the oral cavity and a heating process. Attention, when the start of the application of nasal breathing, a little adaptation, and then the mouth breathing, can also avoid cold air direct stimulation of the mouth, coughing will be reduced.

focuses on Sina outdoor (micro-blog) to learn more about outdoor information.

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