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Run group logo

1, name of running group:
of Xingping iron bar running group, Qinling Mountains
2, time of establishment:
June 8, 2014
3, member size: 200

4, active area:
, Xingping, Shaanxi
5, running a slogan: I run, I'm healthy, I'm sunny!

6, introduction to the running group:

smiled, June 8, 2014, running snail, mang eagle, 14 yuan I run in the Qinling Mountains stadium, Months and years pass by. sidewalks run friends together to discuss the establishment of running group, in order to promote the national fitness activities are running running, recommend running and no resistance because, like hardcore friends, recommend the use of "hardcore" word all agree, was set up in Xingping, Qinling Mountains hardcore group ran. The idea of running a regiment: one hour a day, a healthy and happy life!

7, main events:

1) in November 1, 2014 23 runners in the Xi'an City Wall Marathon, HA and smile made women's half marathon fourth, ninth, the storm of life and Yue Jianxin made man group 5 km eighth, ninth; 2) in November 8, 2014, 34 runners in Binxian County Xinhe Cup International Half Marathon, ha ha, Helen, summer seventh, respectively, made women's half marathon in ninth, tenth, the storm of life, agile, distance Miss were made men 12.5 fourteenth, fifteenth, seventeenth km; 3) in December 21, 2014 38 runners in the second Shaanxi folk marathon, smiled, summer made the League runner up, agile, the storm of life made man 6 km seventh, eighth 4); April 18, 2015 45 Cui Huashan million people running friends to participate international mountaineering Festival Competition, running snail, ha ha, The summer of fourth, fifth, made the woman sixth, Fu, the storm of life, miss the distance has nineteenth, twenty-second, twenty-sixth men, Li Xingke, seventh, made of evergreen tree aged fifteenth; 5) in April 26, 2015 37 runners in the Yangling Science City Marathon, running, smile, ha ha, the summer snail were made in Shaanxi province Malaysia women's champion, runner up and second runner up and sixth, 70% runners ran in 4 hours; 6) in June 1, 2015, the team to participate in the Lanzhou marathon line Wyatt laps, all the competitors who finished the race team to obtain exclusive lettering medals; 7) in June 28, 2015 6 runners in the joy of running China XiAn Railway Station 10 kilometers, ha ha, running snail second, made women's third, the storm of life age group made the first man. Group tenth; 8) in September 20, 2015 36, the team run 10 km in the Lining League XiAn Railway Station game, ha ha made women's champion, summer sixth, the storm of life eleventh; November 7, 2015, 15 runners in the Xi'an City International Marathon race, ha ha, >

A wonderful moment of activity
world standard time on May 7th at 11 in the morning, sponsored by the Austria Red Bull fourth Wings For Life World Run officially began in 58 countries around the world -- 155288 participating runners started at the same time, a total of 6 million 800 thousand euros (about 51 million 380 thousand yuan) to raise money to fund Research on rehabilitation of spinal cord. Swedish wheelchair runner Allen · Anderson (Aron Anderson) won the championship at Dubai station for 92.14 kilometers, refreshing the record. All participants of the world united ran out of record of 1431183 kilometers, the total mileage of more than 176 thousand kilometers last year. All registration fees and donations for this event will be used directly to support the critical study of spinal cord injuries.

, whether it's Brasilia's day or Melbourne's night, whether it's Dubai's 40 high temperature or Tainan's wet evening or hail in Slovenia, has not prevented the global participants from starting at the same time. Including the president of Slovenia · BOP (Borut Pahor); Pahor of all participants, including running together, to stick to love. Runners who can't go to the game site can also organize their participation in online marathon through mobile phone APP, and run their own routes in Egypt, India and Portugal.

in some areas, the mobile finish line -- "terminator" car is driven by heavyweight guests, Austria Red Bull F1 legend David Coulthard and Austria Red Bull F1 · Carlos ·.

Wings for Life World Run is a Red Bull sponsored by the Austria charity run events around the world at the same time to start running every year, to Wings for of spinal cord injuries Life foundation to raise money. The form of the game is very unique, and the runners only need to go all out and sprint and run as much mileage as possible before the "terminator" car is chased. A car will gradually accelerate, until all the runners caught. The mobile end point line mechanism makes all levels of runners can participate, run slower runners will be completed ahead of the game, and the last one was on the run will be awarded the title. Since its first launch in 2014, in the past four games, a total of 435000 runners have been attracted, and a total of 20 million 600 thousand euros has been raised, with a total mileage of 4 million 200 thousand km.

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