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days ago, Quanzhou formally issued a proposal to the more than 10 thousand private enterprises, "change the way" sounded the clarion call, advocate private "two business". The reporter understands, xidelang Holdings Limited in the "hardware" and "software" upgrade and innovation, and agree without prior without previous consultation "two undertaking" concept can be described as. In this regard, the reporter interviewed xidelang Holdings Limited CEO Ding Pengpeng.

reporter: what do you think of "two ventures"?

Ding Pengpeng: the last century since 80s, family owned small businesses in Quanzhou blossom everywhere, xidelang is born in this period of the brand. After years of development, xidelang clear brand positioning and marketing strategy, to create a comprehensive trend of personalized sports brand.

November 2009, xidelang Holdings Limited in Malaysia Stock Exchange main board listed a grand (KL.XDL, 5156), since entering the international capital operation period.

report card although dazzling, but we have no intention of nostalgia in the past, we are more concerned about the future of the road, how to go?. The two venture is imperative!
reporter: in the two entrepreneurs, xidelang upgrade in terms of hardware and software, you can specifically describe
Ding Pengpeng: foreign, the development of an enterprise is preferable to provide more satisfactory products for consumers; and for better development, is for xidelang employees to create greater personal value. Employees from their homes to work in Jinjiang, food and accommodation have a great impact on their stability, so we should try to create a comfortable environment for them, so that they feel the warmth of home.

now, workers apartment building xidelang new industrial park, our newly built, air conditioning, water heater, TV has a spacious, neat, Goods are available in all varieties., health, food and various restaurants, in addition to employees with a gym, basketball court, table tennis room, billiards room, chess room, cinemas, cafes and other entertainment sports facilities, create a good working environment for employees, living and leisure.

in addition to the hardware upgrade, a software is xidelang company "two entrepreneurs program attaches great importance to the. Xidelang company has always been adhering to the "principle of employing knowledge only, cherish and love", "business enterprise", "people", "check" can be interpreted as if the lack of "talent", enterprises have stagnated. Whether it is technology, management level improvement, or development strategy, business model innovation, can not be separated from the support of qualified personnel.

xidelang company attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents, the company regularly invited well-known experts in various training and seminars, continue to improve the basic quality of the competitiveness of the company and employees. After the xidelang company not only will continue to increase in the staff education and training, social security, salary incentive, promotion and other aspects of investment, and will build high-end talent introduction mechanism, the introduction of talent to extend the horizon at home and abroad.

reporter: this time >

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