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Xiaolan run group
Name of
running group:

Xiaolan run group

set up time:


member size:

200 people

active area:

, Zhongshan, Guangdong
running group slogan:

do not run well and want to run and run

running group introduction:
The name of the
group comes from our hometown: Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan (Xiaolan running group). The idea of running a group is to run and do what you want. We argued that it was no faster, no faster, no distance, no influence on life, family, and work. We only want to sweat, unzip, vent, relax. In simple terms, we are a contemporary place in high pressure life, to get the relief and relaxation. It is also the rest of the runners who make every achievement. We care about the joy of running together.

run group influence:

A: every Monday, three, six, day run or morning run, respectively, about 20 people each time.

B: every time is to line Wyatt laps marathon organization, each line of the marathon will be held in the marathon at 7:30 in the evening, the line on the marathon will have 40 to 60 people attend each meeting. There will be ads in the WeChat circle and QQ group, and everyone comes together to run.

main events:

participated in the local charitable million people in 2013 and 2014. 2013 local Yongning Village run race ring (our team took all of the group's top 3). The local golden clock in 2013 ran half a marathon. 2014 local Golden Bell half marathon. International Half Marathon, Zhuhai, 2014. Guangzhou International Marathon 2014. In 2014, the local Jin Zhongguang pig was a low - carbon happy runner. Qingyuan marathon 2014. 2015 golden clock anti drug propaganda fluorescent night run. In 2015, the 10 - kilometre race was run in 4 places in Zhujiang and Macao. Shenzhen marathon 2015. The 3 kilometre race speed race of the Xiaolan Town sports meeting in 2015 (the first of the young women and the first of the middle age group). 2015 is ready to participate in the first marathon in Zhongshan, and the Guangzhou International Marathon in 2015, the Hongkong Chartered International Marathon in 2016, and the Shenzhen marathon.

's future expectation:
development goal is to take part in the large marathon and charity, and to promote the night run


Xiaolan television station night run propaganda report, excellent life night run propaganda column, southern daily life report

running Regiment:

participates in the selection of sina running group:


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