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Data map.
2017 Xi'an marathon will be run in October 28th, this is the International Marathon in Xi'an city on the main road "the first run, the race route will highlight the Xi'an City District, the most representative of the landscape, through the south gate, bell tower, the small wild goose pagoda, the wild goose pagoda, TV Tower, Qujiang pool Relics Park, Datang Furong garden, Daming Palace National Heritage Park and other famous attractions, fully display the Xi'an ancient cultural history and modern city development combines features of the city.

this afternoon, the West High outgoing network finishing medals.
The elements of the big wild goose pagoda of the wall of the
bell tower make the friends feel the sincerity of the designer. It is worth mentioning that the medal looks very big, which is not much in the domestic marathon medals.

in addition, the first Malaysia will also give you send with the main visual finished towel, there is no good?

, we've all seen Ordan, CMFT, Viz, Air 11 and CMFT 12, and now we're going to see CMFT Viz Air 13, the first of third CMFT shoe models ever made public. Jordan CMFT Viz Air 13 VIZ Air function and CMFT11 is the same, the color is inspired by the Air Jordan 11, all have the same leather tips of 3M material, and the shoe body is inspired by Air Jordan 13. Look at the white midsole and the big red sole of the shoe. The shoes will also be on sale in April 9th for just $115.

PEAK Yue run four generation evaluation: spring with a bright color, super cost-effective equipment.

in the domestic running boom rising today, domestic and foreign well-known sports brands are competing in the market China, except for some sports brands of foreign sports brands Daxian brilliance, China local also began their color, All flowers bloom together., PEAK Wyatt ran the four generation shoes listed, adding a bright color to the spring.

one, the overall appearance of
Wyatt ran four generation running shoes, one eye is its dazzling color to attract some foreign experts, according to the conclusion of that light sports shoes can increase exercise enthusiasm, so those who need new equipment to stimulate their exercise of the people may wish to change a pair of dazzling run shoes, to play a multiplier the effect of.

vamp design

Wyatt ran shoe design of the four generation using lightweight breathable mesh, the rim is in hot melt film PP seamless, played a strong and beautiful effect, net cloth material to ensure its permeability, suitable for wearing comfortable in hot weather.

shoes rear end uses PU material to play a stabilizing role, the dark embossed PEAK logo adds beauty. The tongue soft materials, increase comfort.

sole design,

Wyatt ran the four generation shoes using "multi-core elastic technology", Pikeduo nuclear elastic system, the sole is provided with a plurality of hollow structure, reduce the weight of the shoe sole, and provide a buffer by deformation, sole material is mixed rubber material, it has good rebound performance, the sole can flexibly change in transition and rebound in the process of.
The rubber and plastic mixed material of the
sole has an easy bending design, ensures the bending property of the sole, reduces the confrontation between the sole and the foot in the movement, and ensures the safety and comfort of the movement.

two, wearing feel

all the new shoes have a time varying adaptation period, so as to avoid wearing new shoes to participate in the 10 km above the competition, the best practice for a period of time before wearing, when the foot to go to the game after wearing.

for the first time to wear PEAK Yue run four generations, can obviously feel the soles are very soft, vamp without tight feeling, also two points is very important, to ensure its cushioning performance and wear comfort. Buffer and material related with the relationship between number of comfort and timely vamp shoes, try a larger size than their feet shoes.

new shoes or a jerky feeling, it needs to run in to meet it, is called the running in period, only after a run in period to know these shoes in the end is not suitable for their own. For example, some shoes at the beginning of wear more soft, but because of the material limitations, after a period of time, shoes cushioning performance drops, foot comfort will be reduced, time to see people's heart, Lu Yao know shoes good or bad.

three, running experience:

I usually start my new shoes at a distance of 5 kilometers, not only to test new shoes, but also to protect them

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