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Xi'an enkephalin night run group: Wyatt run more in Changan as enkephalin Viiv, night running group.

run group name

Xi'an enkephalin night run regiment

set up time


member size


active area

, Xi'an, Shaanxi;

run group slogan

Wyatt run more in Changan Viiv enkephalin night running group

running group introduces

Xi'an area's most dynamic large running public welfare organization, Sina micro-blog run League alliance accreditation official run group, the micro-blog run League alliance VIP run group. Wyatt laps App star running group. The Sohu running fashion Alliance Star run group. This group in the southeast of Xi'an in northwest region of the five units are (north of Daming Palace West unit, Tang Yan division, South Lake East Jiaotong University unit, unit, city walls, unit) 246 cases about running a week. And regularly organize various activities such as running the marathon training camp, camp DLS, running rookie training camp, Qinling Mountains cross-country running activities, and regularly organize various creative activities such as running: winter warm hand run, run, run, rainbow fluorescent singles run, creative route running, dog run, zombie run and other activities. Health, happiness and freedom are the ideals of this group. It is the goal of running a regiment to popularize the popular running and enriching life in the most fashionable and healthy way. Wyatt run more in Changan as enkephalin Viiv, night running group! Because of the night running, love sports; because of sports, have health. We work hard in the daytime and we conquer the streets at night. Use your feet to feel the city and play up your youth with action. I can!

main story
wall routine about running warm up

September 2014 - planning to organize "Suning RainbowRun rainbow running activities"

September 2014 - planning organization "looking for youth? Campus night running season"

September 2014 - invited to participate in the "Wangfujing run bright Xi'an" wall fluorescent night run activity "

October 2014 - planning to organize "enkephalin winter Qinling Mountains cross-country running"

December 2014 - planning organization "IPS cell liquid? EP Ba hand warming party run"

December 2014 - plans to organize "Suning's journey of running the city street with the running of the city street"

December 2014 - planning organization "run for 14 years? Run out of 2014 with feet"

2015 03 months - invited to take part in "one hour fluorescent night running activity"


[Zhejiang] Longquan running group was built in August 8th in 15, happy sports, healthy life.

run group name: Longquan run group

August 8, 2015
member size: 147

active area:
, Longquan, Zhejiang
running group introduction:

Longquan running group was founded in August 8, 2015. There are 147 members. In recent two years, there are often Longquan running members in the marathon events across the country. For example, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen, Yangzhou, Wuxi, Chongqing, Lanzhou and so on. The running group also often organizes members to perform some public welfare activities. So far, the best result of the team's personal marathon is Qiu Jinlong's 3 hour and 22 point in the 2016 Chongqing International Marathon. The best score in the half marathon was Jiang Jilin's 1 - hour and 28 - hour score in the Jindong half marathon in Jinhua. The Longquan marathon association is now being built on the basis of running regiments as required by the majority of running enthusiasts. Better service for the majority of sports enthusiasts, for the national fitness campaign in Longquan to do a little bit of effort.

Sina started the Zhejiang run group selection, what are the partners of the group still hesitating? Come to show yourself!

[download the registration form, fill out to xinlangrunning@sina.com, look forward to your joining! ]

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