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3.28 Wuyuan Bay Group ran public photo ran about dandelion. 3.28 Wuyuanwan dandelion group ran after winning run run about public welfare! Five lucky winners.

"I am a dandelion, love to run wind" - far wo · dandelion group ran about running in public Wuyuanwan achieved complete success. By advocating "run for public funds for group welfare" and "run in exchange for vouchers, benefit of the double welfare policy for their own, immediately aroused the runners warm response, from March 20th opening of 60 places, the actual running about 153 in public, not only confirms the runners love to run the body, and a friendly heart!
With the enthusiastic participation of the 8 volunteers in the field,
was very lively in the scene, and the enthusiasm and vitality of the seeds were all over the place. A total of 1530 yuan public fund was sponsored by Xiamen yuan Wo sporting goods Co., Ltd., and participated in the Taobao shop by personal participation number: Xiamen yuan Wo sports, enjoying 10 yuan preferential policy.

to participate in the public about running a dandelion seed, some of them in the marathon already met, but they lack the opportunity to gather together a run, running communication way; some unfamiliar with each other, but they have common interests -- running, to find like-minded people. About running public service activities provided a running platform, so that the majority of those who love to run together Wuyuan Bay, the common feeling of running charm, also realize more love to run seed, made new friends more. Dandelion running group always has the purpose of "happiness, sunshine, health and sports" to encourage more people to love running and join dandelion running family to become a dandelion seed. (source: Dandelion running regiment)
to take a photo before running. Dandelion seeds sign and receive clothes. The head of the delegation of Xiamen, such as the running coach led the grasshopper seeds are warm up before a run. The position of a dandelion seed winner. Flag run.

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sina sports baseball war follow summer boom together lit, 2013 MLB elite baseball tournament will be held during the Dragon Boat Festival (June 10th -11) at the Tsinghua University baseball field opened, played the strongest voice in baseball! The two - day competition, which highlights the cream of the University's baseball season, will show the highest standards of baseball in Beijing and shanghai. When the event will be divided into three parts: the three fierce confrontation MLB MLB baseball development center AAA team and MLB college all star team; ornamental homers competition; the final showdown between the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and the Tsinghua University.

2013 MLB the prestigious baseball invitational tournament is an important part of the MLB MLB project; it has been four years since 2010. This year the tournament moved from Shanghai to Beijing, was first carried out in the tournament all star team and MLB MLB college baseball team AAA game development center. The MLB all star team has a familiar face from the Peking University eighteenth Capital University Baseball Championship "home run king" and "Gold Glove winner" small horse West extension; to play well and the achievements of the Tsinghua University top eighteenth Capital University Baseball Championship "silver slugger Award" winner Liu Ruijie will appear in the the all star game. From the MLB Center for the development of baseball players can be described as "little man", although the team average age of only 16 years old, but this simple data will show their great strength: starting pitcher Senbana Jean ball will speed up to 89mph (140kmh), the team had 20 homers in a proud record in this season. Members of the MLB baseball development centre will feel the warm atmosphere of college baseball during the match and excitedly experience their future in the big stage of the university.

, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Tsinghua University in the 11 summit dialogue, is undoubtedly the highlight of the baseball Invitational, bringing together two baseball enthusiasts attention. They have experienced severe challenges in their respective journey, and finally stand on this field, will defend to defend the highest honor of two universities baseball. I recall the history of their season, the last runner returned home to the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, with the championship over more than three hours of tug of war; Tsinghua University with a strong team against the strength of winning a star player won the Peking University...... The scene is still vivid. But in the end, the bugle sounded, and everyone began to look forward to the excitement of the baseball games between Beijing and Shanghai. 2013 , MLB elite baseball invitational tournament, the final title of the national championship, is worth our expectation.

Beijing and Shanghai University play baseball, baseball and MLB Development Center AAA team players warm add to the fun, they will be staged this summer baseball wonderful drama!

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