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The wind regiment is committed to developing a grand run group that infects more people with positive energy.

run group name

Xiamen wind running group

set up time

September 3, 2015

member size

356 people (100 core team members, all have participated in the half marathon event)

run group slogan

run! What we go to

running group introduces
Xiamen wind regiment was formally established in September 3, 2015, the day of victory 70th anniversary of the war of resistance against Japan. Logo in Xiamen island is in the shape of the bottom block, Su Shi Dynasty, "wind", meaning the wind ran group birthplace - Xiamen, the group will run in Xiamen as a starting point, to the country, to the world. Regardless of the weather, the wind of freedom, out of their own style! The running group is a big family from 40 to 90s. The running group advocates running out of health, running out of happiness, and insisting on harmony. Encourage members to actively participate in various activities running, influence of friends, let them move. In the event the friends group, work hard, good news for running the team won the honor to win the reputation. This is a place on the left of laughter and moved by the collective, we each weekend in Xianyueshan collective tour of Xiamen City headquarters, focus on the scientific and healthy running, running, running happy. At the end of the event and on the day of remembrance, a group Party and a lot of offline activities are a very cohesive, happy running group.

main event

1, run group senior adviser Dr. Zhao Ziyu (Associate Professor of Huaqiao University) -- the first eight hundred in the championship, won the "quicksand ultimate champion generals" title; 2015 Hongkong 24 hour super marathon champion; 2014 Taipei 14 hour international super marathon champion; 2014 Nanjing Tulou marathon champion, 4 years and 80 field events is the pride of the China run. 2, retired major ran group consultant of Xiamen Wujiang - the 2008 Beijing Olympic torch, Xiamen marathon, permanent owner, senior marathon runners and promotion in 3, consultant group teacher Huang Kaiqi (Associate Professor of Xiamen University) - Senior marathon, Xiamen marathon, permanent owner of Xiamen grassroots marathon sponsor in 2012, the gold line 12 hours of super marathon champion, in Xiamen run in the prestigious 4, head coach Wu Shankuan group - the famous marathon runner, the barefoot best holder, published "my life", the 5 horse coach Wu Qingche - a tour group ran Master, North horse score of 3 hours and 9 minutes, Changtai - 13, repeatedly refresh personal results 6, tour - 2016 Zhu Jinfeng Xiamen eighth Fuzhou women half horse, 12 hours of super marathon women's success 7, The group of Huang Qingkun - Xiamen marathon, permanent owner, running 8, Master promotion tour old runner Tao Xiyuan - forty years running hobby, the horse.

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