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saw fellow runners first ahead of the "little yellow people" and then "Mickey Mouse", "Tang Seng" and "Wukong" accompanied by running around. What other reasons do you have to go all in to speed up in the arena? In December 13th, the 2015 Xiamen International Marathon race supporting & 5 km; 10 km run health hot run, run, run XTEP family group with more than twenty thousand participants gathered together, the unique charm of Xiamen horse ahead of schedule. During the competition, a large number of cosplay characters, such as "Tang Seng", "Captain America" and "Wukong" appeared in the track, became a great highlight. The unprecedented atmosphere of joy also brought strong driving force to the runners.
Cosplay joyful modeling brings a happy atmosphere to the running scene.
at 8 a.m., the game was shot at the beginning of the Haicang Road, and more than twenty thousand runners were on the most important experience of the summer. Unlike ordinary long-distance running events, except for a professional runner who specializes in running equipment, a significant Cosplay role suddenly becomes the focus of the whole field. For a time, the Spartan and the captain of the United States danced together. The Tang Monk and the monkey king contest. Santa Claus also sent gifts in advance, and he felt the joy of running with the majority of runners. Because of the emergence of these heroes, the atmosphere of the competition field is also very relaxed, and the racers are laughing and laughing. All the participants are very motivated. After the game, many of the participants refreshed their best results in laughter.
XTEP happy Cosplay attracts a lot of players to interact.
as the 2015 Xiamen international marathon gold medal top global partners, events only designated sports equipment sponsors, in addition to the XTEP organization compelling Cosplay group ran outside, special run family members wore bright professional equipment and composed of employees of XTEP group is also the focus of the track run. As the first fashion sport brand in China, XTEP has been associated with the Xiamen International Marathon since 2009. In the past 6 years, XTEP has shown their expertise and persistence to the world through their deep cooperation with Malaysia and other top domestic marathon events. In today's competition, some of the XTEP executives also participated in the competition, working with ordinary runners to experience the fun of running.
President Ding Shuibo of XTEP "big parents" led the "special run group" members to fight for five km of Xiamen.
besides the track, XTEP also provided rich experience of interactive activities for the majority of runners and enthusiastic audiences, and set up a photo backplane at the starting point. In addition to interactive activities such as interactive photography, games and other entertainment activities that everyone can participate in, it also provides professional running service, which reflects the popularity and professionalism of XTEP brand in the field of running. The members of the
run group are assembled before the match.
Xiamen international marathon was founded in 2003, is one of the most influential international marathon and well-known Chinese jointly sponsored by the Athletic Association and the Xiamen municipal government of China, 2007 for 6 consecutive years by the IAAF named "the IAAF road race gold medal match" >

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