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The Xiamen Heron run group was founded in 2012 and is the first public welfare run group established in Xiamen.

run group name

Xiamen Heron run group

set up time


member size


active area

, Xiamen, Fujian;

run group slogan

egrets run all over the world. Colorful life

running group introduces
Xiamen Heron run group was founded in January 16, 2012 and is the first public welfare group established in Xiamen. The five founding members were related to the warm-up activities before the 2012 Xiamen International Marathon. Later, they agreed to maintain the team. At present, there are more than 600 members of the heron group, one of the most influential running teams in Xiamen. Since its establishment, the herd run group has targeted its employees to the office workers, and is committed to organizing the various forms of leisure running to make the office workers love running. The heron run group also advocates the ability to participate in all kinds of Marathon events. The heron runs the world and has a colorful life.

main event
A member of the
group of heron ran basically traveled all the domestic marathon, ventured into Southeast Asia and Europe such as France marathon, Paris marathon, Chicago marathon, Australia Gold Coast marathon, Singapore marathon, as well as members to participate in some famous hundred kilometers cross-country and iron three the game, achieved good results.

running group influence

Xiamen Heron group organized activities run is mainly divided into two parts, one part is fixed at about run (mainly Tuesday night Wuyuan Bay about running, the other part is the weekend) heron X plans to run in the park, we will be outside the island of Xiamen parks planning into a plurality of point to point the running line, with some interesting topics, made a theme of leisure activities run. The heron run group also has its own word of mouth event: once a year, the "Heron run warrior" cup half way mountain challenge. The online activities are mainly involved in some online activities of the Sina micro-blog run League organization. The herd running group has its own public subscription number and Sina micro-blog official micro fans plus V. It has thousands of fans. Because it has been committed to the promotion of public welfare leisure activities, so many activities have appeared on the local print media, and have some popularity among the people in Xiamen.

report case

Strait guide, Xiamen daily, Xiamen evening news, southeastern Morning Post and other provincial print media, office building magazine and Xiamen TV sixth channel have reported the activities of Xiamen herd running group.

in the future
future Xiamen Heron run group,

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