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[global shoe network] 2012 is the end of the world, so in 2014, we met all professors from the stars. He is a handsome, young face was hidden in a uncle's heart, no matter what he appeared in the case, how many girls can make strong woman mind; he was not an upstart, fabulously rich, he through astronomical knowledge of geography on real estate for 400 years, he has rich handsome pompous temperament, also a grass root art fan man. Professors are so perfect, up and down five thousand years, vertical and horizontal eighty thousand years, you may not find a man comparable to him.

woke up a dream, it turned out to be television, there is no reality like that man, or more look at the stars really.

in fact, you are all wrong, appearance, wealth, that is floating clouds, the charm of restoring the ancients is to seize the goddess of artifact. Careful friends can find Professor dress that is quite personality, suit and shoes, so cock fried days collocation, I believe that is a normal people do not come out, but the aliens do, also caused so much retro wave. The reason for correcting it is to restore ancient ways.

this season hot summer intolerable, complex business ridden, let us difficult, but also let us tired of wandering around; then how to find the summer passion, experience youthful vitality, retro is our best choice. Retro is not simply nostalgia, it is a kind of expression of expression, but also a way of life.

xdlong you offer from the stars retro run, take you to experience the fashion trend. In sole materials, xdlong retro running shoes with antiskid wear rubber sole design of large, strong grip, in the bottom of polyurethane (TPU) composed of EVA foam wrapped the whole sole more shock. Let users feel more comfortable while experiencing comfort. The help the color, blue and orange collocation embodies the vitality of youth, in the all-match, but also a strong sense of fashion retro atmosphere.

from the stars retro running can only help you to it, is just a professor of acting, understand the experience is king, take your retro running, your interpretation of ancient feelings, to conquer your mind goddess!

(global shoe network Chowten editor)

when your daily habits are small, have to play each other, Ta and you feel boring.

their work or school, or even a long-distance relationship, occasionally look at the mobile phone have no other messages.

"did you think I must fight" has become a word......

bird does not pass outside the cloud, the sorrow of lilacs in rain.

when you don't see the time, infinite love one word, how can we do against Italy lingering?

Ta a person on the outside, others do not know Ta have a girlfriend?

this is not equal to give others a potential possible?

here is the simplest solution:

TOTWOO is a lovely way, it can make you and your loved ones know each other's thoughts, yearning to see.

TOTWOO protect you and the one you love

is especially suitable for the
you miss each other
no matter how far you are, when you need a Ta, just tap two jewelry, Ta's TOTWOO will automatically flash, the other side of the Ta can be immediately perceived.

every time as long as he is thinking of you, your body TOTWOO will automatically flash, you can immediately perceive.

if you are in the same minute each other miss, the moment will be defined as "heart", ever recorded in TOTWOO.

TOTWOO allows you to see the real miss, feel love!

it is able to let the pure heart throb, between men and women, miss... These touch can only feel something into a visible, read TA mind understanding of love!
Most women understand


most understand your jewelry

TOTWOO is a known as the "most women understand heart jewelry, was born in Milan in Italy in October 2015.

it looks the same common jewelry, exactly where the magic?

it can be in your busy, don't miss important people living in the phone / mail;

can always protect you, remind you to rest;

can you work overtime in love does not feel tired, tell you to
up activities;
it will give you a sign every day news about you, do not look at micro-blog into the public number can keep shaking at fortune, grasp the good luck;

it is a hidden "answer book", by Yes or No to fix everything you want!

the most advanced custom design of
, the most sought afterAll the stars are wearing
The first
TOTWOO series "bloom" is from "Italy jewelry MarcoDal Maso," the poet said before he designed the jewelry not less than $8000.

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