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Thermodynamic diagram
recently, the well-known love to make things run APP Wyatt laps also launched two new games - Wyatt ran on and sign the city running route thermodynamic diagram. Two new gameplay in Wyatt laps station and administrative micro-blog two channels launched to great acclaim, more users have praised the "feelings, very intimate".

dry day signed this bowl of "poisonous chicken soup"

is a new function of Wyatt ran signed Wyatt laps V2.7 version of the entrance function in Wyatt lap top right corner of the page, after the on-line access to a large number of user acceptance and love.

Yue run day is divided into two parts, image and text, where users can change pictures according to their needs, whether running self run or running roadmap can be replaced by a key. A statement with or positive energy, or poison chicken soup, a beautiful picture with a strong breath of movement.

, according to user feedback, the function of "Yue run" signed completely solves the pain point that runners "want to share, but don't know what to share". Once the function is launched, tens of thousands of runners are competing to use it, and Yue running is a friend circle of runners.

small feelings in the big data of the thermal map of the running route

has been Wyatt laps finishing and deep running big data strong. The big data can not only take the enterprise to recognize the industry direction, but also allow the running friends to appreciate their running "small feelings". The May 12th start of the city running route thermal map is to play a new height of the big running data, playing the feelings of the runners.
It is reported that
, Wyatt laps in its administrative micro-blog released 30 city routes thermodynamic diagram. The picture covers the hot routes of 30 running cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. How many runners have chosen which route? Which running routes are the most popular for the runners? These questions, you can find the answer in the city's running route thermal map.

30 pictures, 30 cities, countless routes and countless footprints. Runners warm discussion of each picture on behalf of the city, in the small picture, they also find their own share of glory and belonging.

in addition to the above two kinds of new gameplay, Wyatt laps within APP to optimize the running processes, activities and functions of running, according to user needs and pain points of innovation and upgrading, this "intimate" innovation makes the Wyatt laps more users to maintain competitiveness, love.

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