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A star
in recent years, running is getting hotter and hotter. "Pursuit of better self" is a phrase that is often talked by runners. People's pursuit of healthy lifestyle is also a pursuit of people's control of diet and pursuit of good figure. With the second half of the domestic running event registration has been carried out, the domestic well-known running APP Wyatt laps a star -- the search Wyatt ran to recruit trainee Beijing Railway Station was officially launched.
It is reported that in March 2017, domestic well-known
, running APP officially launched Wyatt laps laps to create Star -- the search Wyatt running practice". "Star Plan" through the application and interview and three weeks of comprehensive training step by step screening, build will have different strengths of the runners into a group of love running, exercise, feeling confident vitality trendsetter shot together, enjoy running, spread a positive attitude towards life.
pleasure training in physical fitness training
August 30th, Wyatt ran recruit trainee of Beijing Railway Station will open registration channel, before September 6th runner landed APP Wyatt laps to fill in personal information form to participate in. According to the relevant person in charge of Wyatt laps, Wyatt ran through the layers of the interview practice 32 members will have access to the benefits provided by the supreme Wyatt laps: fitness trainers training opportunities, guide the well-known sports brand signing opportunity at home and abroad, marathon competition opportunities, tailored clothing etc..

is worth mentioning, "looking for Wyatt Wyatt laps run training activities have been carried out in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai three, outstanding member in Wyatt laps independent IP pink woman running events as" lead the rabbit "and" naughty rabbit debut track, become a beautiful scenery line.
Yue running students take part in the pink women running
said the Beijing Railway Station to recruit the difference with the other station, Wyatt laps project relevant responsible person said, Wyatt ran the trainee Beijing Railway Station we put the training site selection in superfit, upgrade to the training camp scale, welfare, service and other aspects, put forward higher requirements on the quality of students in practice, I hope more trendsetter run those involved, to feel the joy of running."
Superfit training site
do you want to be the most popular tide man in the circle of friends? Landing Wyatt laps APP a key in recruiting students to practice Wyatt ran the Beijing Railway Station, better meet their own!

He loves running.
he, he loves running

"he likes running very much, where he brings running shoes and sportswear, and he wears a running watch on his hand, but he doesn't carry a cell phone." Yongbo's fiancee, Ms. Chen, said that running a marathon has always been a dream for him.

"Yongbo is an indefatigable runner. He seems to be running all the time. When most people are still dreaming, he runs in the morning. When we are relaxing, he often comes back from the outside with sweat. Vice president of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Yang Dan said in his eulogy.

deceased life

Yong Bo: born in November 9, 1967, entered the Sichuan University in 1984, received a bachelor's degree in Library and information in 1988, and EMBA of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in 2000. In 1988-1997 years, he worked in the Sichuan Provincial Technical Supervision Bureau as the head of the science and technology management project. 1992-1994 years as the project manager of the southwest economic and technological research center. In 1995, he worked in Kingdee software Chengdu branch and established standard book enterprises in the same year. Founded in 2003, AXA Investment Management Company, founded in 2005, AXA cultural enterprises, established in 2010 and has served as chairman of AXA group.

"42 kilometers and 195 meters, enjoy the whole horse, run for the glory of heaven, my new dream." After the last update of his WeChat signature, Yong Bo, a 46 year old marathon runner, ran out of his house at 32 degrees centigrade at noon on June 2nd. Soon after, when he was found, a sportswear he fainted on the roadside.

Yong wave afterwards was diagnosed with heatstroke (severe heatstroke) -- a fatal disease, high mortality, high temperature in wet weather, the day he was transferred to West China Hospital of sichuan. The long rescue lasted until June 20th. Eventually, he died due to multiple organ failure and secondary blood infection, resulting in septic shock.

in yesterday's memorial service, this accident makes a lot of friends from all over the country came to shock and regret: wave Yong young, is the provincial CPPCC members, Chinese MBA southwest alliance founder and honorary president, promising, but in his love of running on the road.

out of
at noon
is running fainting at the roadside
under high temperature
yesterday, Yongbo's funeral was held at the funeral home in Beijiao, and more than 100 people wore white flowers to see him off. Many of his best friends came to see him on the last side by a plane.

Yongbo's unmarried wife, Ms. Chen, also recollection of the temperature at noon on the day of June 2nd: 32. She told the Chengdu business newspaper that she and Yongbo were on holiday in Mount Emei on the same day. At 12 noon, Yongbo went out to run.

"he likes running very much, where he brings running shoes and sportswear, and he wears a running watch on his hand, but he doesn't carry a cell phone." Ms. Chen said, generally run for 40 minutes, Yongbo.

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