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Nike-Air-Max-1-Jewel-White-Red-2.jpg (387.59 KB, download number: 5) download Nike Air Max 1 Jewel engraved regression 2017-5-19 14:10 upload Air Jordan and Air low Jordan 11 72-10 11 Low Barons, the design is exactly the same again before the release of a group shot in the atlas, we can be more intuitive to feel the double low to help new. This section from the Michael Jordan brief baseball career design inspirations, the roll mill leather suede shoes collocation remodeling micro fiber, around th cheap jordans for sale e shoe week rolling paint showed pearl effect, carbon fiber sheet and stable chassis configuration, equipped with the last white rubber outsole. air-jordan-11-low-barons.jpg (76.32 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan 11 Low Barons little devil once again exposure Upload 08:53 2016-11-20 air-jordan-11-low-barons-1.jpg (76.03 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan 11 Low Barons little devil once again exposure Upload 08:52 2016-11-20 air-jordan-11-low-barons cheap jordans for sale mens -2.jpg (64.79 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan 11 Low Barons little devil once again exposure Upload 08:52 2016-11-20 air-jordan-11-low-barons-3.jpg (59.84 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Air Jordan 11 Low Barons little devil once again exposure Upload 08:52 2016-11-20 air-jordan-11-low-barons-6.jpeg (333.34 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan 11 Low Barons little devil once again exposure Upload 08:55 2016-11-20 air-jordan-11-low-bar cheap jordans online ons-4.jpg (441.45 KB, next 0)In front of the 2012 Air Jordan PE 4 "Oregon Ducks" has been well known, black body with white dress, the details of the chromium metal texture and unique flavor of it, followed by the letter O and the lining of the cartoon duck to show it the identity of embroidery. US hip-hop king Kanye West's Yeezus Tour tour, which in addition to wonderful performances outside. In the fashion industry trend also has high status in the clothing Kanye West is very concerned about ever Retro jordans for sale yone. The Fan Belgium deconstruction fashion brand Maison Martin Margiela on the release of Kanye West "Yeezus" Tour Edition Gaotong shoes. Kanye West's unique design style, the classic high-top shoes, coupled with horse hair material spread all over the body of the shoe, Velcro Velcro and laces hidden presentation. Its price is $ 975, interested friends may pay more attention to yo.& nbsp; & nbsp; in mid-April this year following the first trial, the subject of the claim amount up to 800 million laws Retro jordans for sale uit against Nike, Adidas, Zheng endorsement contract infringement, yesterday morning to hold a second one hospital in the city trial. In the fierce debate, Nike tried to rely on a lot from the circle of "gray evidence" to identify and collusion Zheng Zhi Adidas inducements, use a payment flaw betrayed signed endorsement contracts and own. But these accusations are not only completely denied Adidas and Zheng agents also use Nike's high claims a significant difference before and endorsement contracts, c cheap jordan shoes for men ourt ridicule "is Zheng exploited too much commercial value." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Since Adidas refused to mediate, the City Court will fix a day on the case for sentencing. [storm reproduce] Nike signed earlier, "Mr. Football" is ahead of "change shoes" & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; July 1, 2003, Zheng Zhi in the year China "Mr. Football" status, has won the endorsement of a four-year contract from Nike: Nike's commitment to pay annual sponsorship fee to Zheng Zhi, Zheng should dress uniform to Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping meet football request, in public as much as possible wearing Nike products and participate in the brand's commercial activities. Meanwhile, Zheng not involve other sports-related activities and to accept sponsorship brand. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from 2004 onwards, Zheng Zhi repeatedly proposed to increase the Nike endorsement sponsorship fees, but was refused. January 2005 and March, Nike found that Zheng respectively in Hainan training and events in Japan, put the rival Adidas sneakers. March 18, Cheap air jordans for sale Nike Zheng received a unilateral letter and was told the two sides of the sponsorship contract has been terminated. Only a month later, Zheng Zhi then and Adidas signed a new endorsement contract. In 2006, Adidas announced a signing players Zheng Zhi is his command. [Trial Record] Nike: "gray evidence" that "Mr. Football" was inducements & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In order to prove to the Business rivals and claims 8 million yuan Zheng common words evidence, Nike aspects in addition to the conventi Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping onal evidence issued the endorsement contracts in the two trial, Zheng improper wearing of the screen and so on, but also managed to capture the economic circle usually only sports talent Being part of the "gray evidence." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike believes Zheng Zhi and the contract between them at least three years of failure to perform properly. In accordance with "Adidas" Zheng currently paid to not less than 3.5 million yuan per year endorsement fee is calculated, we believe that the commerc cheap foamposites ial value of the endorsement should be far more than 3.5 million yuan Zheng, so they asked Adidas and Zheng Zhi community of interests of 8 million yuan compensation petitioned deserves support. Adidas: when signing the contract, the other party is "free body" & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; party to face accusations of Nike, Adidas, one of the three companies at home and abroad are denied. His agent said they are convinced that Zheng has been under "free body" of the premise, he signed the contract and the other party. Therefore, the new endorsement contract did not "Nike" result in any infringement. In yesterday's court session, Adidas did not want to open the contract between them and Zheng Zhi, but his lawyers are still a number of Nike's "gray evidence" had questioned the authenticity. The lawyer, more than the evidence provided by Nike are based on subjective speculation formed its most critical "internal message" Due to not let email providers appear for cross-examination, so it can not be used as evidence to accuse Adidas premeditated inducements to Zheng use. As one of China to accept the Adidas-sponsored national football team, Zheng wore Adidas shoes in the lower portion of the case and can not be considered a violation of the contract and Nike. Attorney Zheng: Zheng Zhi is Nike exploited switched belong wise & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Zheng agent is a response to Nike: Nike failure to pay liquidated prior agreement , Zheng unilateral termination in line with the spirit of law. Moreover, if the claims 8 million yuan Nike reasonable evidence, not only illustrates the original and Zheng Nike signed endorsement fee is too meager, and proved that when Zheng endorsement fees raised reasonable request repeatedly rejected by Nike unfair. When it comes to the key point, the agent even deliberately go back to the gallery shouted reporters, said: "This shows that the commercial value of Zheng have been exploited out of Nike, had exercised the right to terminate the contract seems to really be wise."

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